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    At the beginning of summer 2023 I got a chance to meet a guy who turned out to be one of the most inspired -and- inspiring people I’ve encountered in a longer while. After completing a presentation about his company’s effects pedals at a tiny open-air festival in Latvian countryside Ilja Krūmiņš looked me in the eye and said “yeah, come over to the studio, let’s make some stuff happen!”


    Responding to the invitation some weeks later, it took only a couple of moments for me to become thoroughly captivated into that stuff-making process – the premisses of Gamechanger Audio proved to be exactly as inspiring as the name of their company suggests. As a result, tangled up in a mesh of Gamechanger's own effect pedals -Plasma, Light, Bigsby- and their varied collection of musical instruments, I spent a large part of the summer and early autumn playing, listening and writing music for the mighty instrument of electric guitar.


    Presented here for your enjoyment are four tunes from that process under a shared title Spēlmainis. Graciously filmed by Uģis Olte, recorded and mixed by Pauls Dāvis Megi, and supported/produced and inspired by Ilja Krūmiņš and Gamechanger Audio. My sincere gratitude to all of them for their participation and involvement!