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  1. Hellothere!

    I am a guitarist and composer, originally from Riga, Latvia, currently living in The Hague, The Netherlands.

    For some time now I have been writing and playing acoustic guitar music rooted in traditions of blues and ragtime. A release of this material is in the works, as well as playing of gigs with it.


After nearly a decade of experimental guitar work in an abrasive solo practice and with Mona de Bo, I moved to The Hague in 2012 to study sonology and composition at the Royal Conservatoire. There, fascinated by abstract painting, I pursued a musical practice based in extended duration and minimal change – initially electronic and sonically intense my means eventually became acoustic and increasingly minimal, reaching a state of virtual-inaudibility in works for baroque era pipe-organs. The (possibly inverse) relationship among the audible and the perceived was of the main interest in those explorations.

    The only way to survive the Covid blues was to channel it through an ancient archtop guitar hiding behind the piano in my home…

    For booking or other interests please use any of these two:


    +31 686 350781


    Also …stagram and …cloud