1. about

    edgars rubenis

    guitar-player and electronic musician working with extended-in-time sound.

    rubenis’ solo debut record mythoscope was released in february2014 on skaņu meža ieraksti.

    originating from riga, latvia rubenis currently resides in the netherlands, studying sonology and composition at the royal conservatory of the hague.

    to get in touch please use edgars.rubenis@gmail.com

  2. live


    • march 10th - mona de bo at jūras vārti, ventspils, latvia. support for performance of peter evans

    • march 11th - mona de bo, presentation of new record "kur ir šeit?", anglikāņu baznīca, rīga


    • october14th - monda de bo at skaņu mežs festival, riga, latvia

    • september8th - performance at incubate festival, tilburg, nl

    • april24th - performance at villa te koop, the hague, nl

  3. links

    skaņu mežs  mona de bo   i love you records   mi - 65  

    līva rutmane (artwork of mythoscope)

  4. • mythoscopeskaņu mežs recordings. release date 27 february 2014 

    cassette tape & digital

    • live performance on TBContinued web concert. march 2013